November 2, 2016

VoltageShoot Solos



Is everyone stoked for the next conventions as much as I am?

Voltage’s Holmat Video Sessions [ NOW OPEN ]

Holmat Video and Photo Packages Now Available



If you don’t know about my packages then let me explain.

  • Each package is intended to cover a full row on Instagram with 2 photos and 1 video.
  • The photos are intended to build hype for the video clip, some post both photos before their final reveal while others use the two photos as bookends to how the video shows up on their page.
  • I specialize in videos so my main concern is how well I can translate your efforts of your craft and the character you are portraying through my lens
  • I work on DISCORD before, during, and after the convention so its easy to get a hold of me throughout the entire process. I want to stay connected and make sure everything is done in a timely and organized manner
  • Paypal, Venmo or cash is accepted.
  • I do offer discounts for larger packages on Sundays.
  • Groups are highly encouraged.
  • Asking for a slot doesn’t guarantee you will receive it, payment does. 50% non-refundable down payment is collected to ensure your time slot.
  • Rescheduling when possible, I give enough time in between shoots (including during) to achieve our goal. If I have no time to film, and direct I cannot perform at the percent of which I feel confident in producing my work of art therefore will not attempt.
  • Patreons higher than $5 a month will receive 2 more photos or extended time on their video clips.

For others looking more towards exclusive photo sessions I partner with Devonte (Devo) as a reliable and extremely professional photographer.

This is his site below.



VoltageShoot SOLO Packages

Click above to see prices and more details on what I offer

Convention (Outside)

  • Katsucon (National Harbor, MD)

Fem Prompto – Final Fantasy 15
Cosplayer – enosh1ma
[ Ambitious Package ]

Convention (Inside)

  • Metrocon (Tampa, FL)

Emperor Lotor – Voltron Legendary Defender
Cosplayer – Baeloid
[ Essentials Package ]

  • Katsucon (National Harbor, MD)

Tiny Tina – Borderlands
Cosplayer – Emmajiqrubini
[ Modest+ Package ]

  • Katsucon (National Harbor, MD)

Asra – The Arcana: A Mystic Romance
Cosplayer – Viviviolet_cosplay
[ Ambitious+ Package ]

Unique Locale* (Outside)

  • Clearwater, Fl

Moana – Disney Princess
Cosplayer – Arthouworthy
[ Ambitious+ Package ]

*Unique locale’s rates based on individual scenarios. Email for more details and pricing.