November 2, 2016

VoltageShoot Solos


If you don’t know about my packages then let me explain.

  • Each package is intended to cover a full row on Instagram with 2 photos and 1 video.
  • I work on DISCORD before, during, and after the convention so its easy to get a hold of me throughout the entire process.
  • Paypal, Venmo or cash is accepted.
  • 50% non-refundable down payment is collected to ensure your session.
    (Asking for a slot doesn’t guarantee you will receive it, payment does.)
  • Rescheduling when possible, I give enough time in between shoots (including during) to achieve our goal. If I have no time to film, and direct I cannot perform at the percent of which I feel confident in producing my work of art therefore will not attempt.
  • Patreons higher than $5 a month will receive 2 more photos or extended time on their video clips.
  • Groups are highly encouraged.

VoltageShoot SOLO Packages

Click above to see prices and more details on what I offer

Convention (Outside)

  • Katsucon (National Harbor, MD)

Fem Prompto – Final Fantasy 15
Cosplayer – enosh1ma
[ Ambitious Package ]

Convention (Inside)

  • Metrocon (Tampa, FL)

Emperor Lotor – Voltron Legendary Defender
Cosplayer – Baeloid
[ Essentials Package ]

  • Katsucon (National Harbor, MD)

Tiny Tina – Borderlands
Cosplayer – Emmajiqrubini
[ Modest+ Package ]

  • Katsucon (National Harbor, MD)

Asra – The Arcana: A Mystic Romance
Cosplayer – Viviviolet_cosplay
[ Ambitious+ Package ]

Unique Locale* (Outside)

  • Clearwater, Fl

Moana – Disney Princess
Cosplayer – Arthouworthy
[ Ambitious+ Package ]

*Unique locale’s rates based on individual scenarios. Email for more details and pricing.